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All About Launch.

Skillable makes organizations more productive. From lab design and development to delivery, discover how you can create hands-on learning experiences that are second to none for your learners.

Launch features content across our lab development and training management platforms, creating an excellent opportunity for lab authors, lab developers, operations managers and key stakeholders within an organization to come together to learn best practices, see innovative new features and discover how you can realize the future of skilling with Skillable.

Is there a cost to attend this event?

No! Launch is completely free of cost to you and your team! We want you to receive the most valuable possible when you work within our platforms, and the opportunity to share best practices with you is our pleasure.

Who presents the sessions?

All session content is created and delivered by Skillable team members and special guest speakers. In addition to the main speaker, Skillable event staff will be in each session to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Absolutely! We’ll post the link here and on YouTube after the event.

Do you host any other ongoing events?

Yes! We host a Lab Developer Workshop on the last Thursday of most months.

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