Challenge labs

Help your learners build confidence and validated skills by adding Challenge Labs, built by Skillable.

Drive learners to figure out how to arrive at a specific outcome.

As your learner completes scenarios, the Skillable platform checks their live lab environment to see if the scenario was completed correctly. As learners prove mastery, the next Challenge Lab in the series increases in complexity so that they are continually challenged.

If learners struggle, they’re given more guidance, ranging from hints and tips to links to relevant documentation, depending on the skills level of the lab. Challenge Labs provide live environments, so your learners can explore, practice and “learn while doing” instead of simply following a list of tasks to complete a lab.

Best Practices for Using Challenge Labs

Skillable enables you to create scored hands-on labs for your software, but often your learners also need skilling on popular industry topics and technologies.

Our Challenge Labs library of more than 800 labs covers a wide variety of industry topics and technologies, giving your learners additional skills to help them use your software effectively. 

Select the use case that’s of most interest and then request a demo so we can show you and your team how Skillable and this innovative solution can work for you. 

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complement learning plans

Upgrade your existing learning journeys with scored hands-on experiences that validate your learners' mastery of relevant skills.

extend vendor labs

Increase the value of ready-built vendor labs
by putting your learners into the real-world environments they're already studying.

exam preparation

Assign your learners the expert level Challenge Labs as a practice test that mirrors the actual certification exam.

The Skillable approach to challenge-centric learning.

Challenge Labs leverage a new learning methodology we call “challenge-centric learning.” Put simply, we believe people learn best while doing. Learners must have real-world, hands-on learning experiences to master new skills and have confidence working in production environments. For more on this concept, read our whitepaper, A Case for Challenge-Centric Learning.

While labs are part of many traditional classes and online courses, all too often learners finish a lab then ask “ok, I’m finished, but what did I just do? And when would I need to do that?” 

Following step-by-step procedures doesn’t result in solidifying new concepts. Technologists must have the opportunity to genuinely do the work. To struggle with new constructs and determine new methods to solve problems, with guidance and remediation at the appropriate times. 

Without realistic hands-on experience in a safe environment, newly learned skills fade and learners fail to reach the level of skills and confidence necessary to reach their potential. The journey is as important as the outcome and these truths drive us to continually innovate our platform through Challenge Labs.

Delivering hands-on labs at scale is extremely complex. So complex that lab hosting companies are so focused on providing “labs that work,” that they rarely get a chance to consider ways to provide “labs that teach.” 

Traditional labs give learners a place to try things following a step-by-step procedure. Challenge Labs increase the pace of skilling and user confidence through a scored hands-on environment that drives an “assess > guide > validate” cycle based on the outcomes of their performance.

Learners acquire new skills and confidence faster, resulting in faster adoption, better utilization and stronger loyalty to your organization or products.

“It’s not very helpful for attendees to passively view a PowerPoint presentation that tells them how Azure works. With Challenge Labs, students learn by doing hands-on exercises and work in a test environment to set up something real. Being able to offer a Challenge Lab in addition to the standard lab is a great training option that helps our students develop an even better understanding of the technology.”
Nicola Keskin
Business Development Manager

Build learners' skills
with challenge labs

When your product changes, everybody needs to know what’s changed and why it matters. 

Go beyond documentation and get your teams into the product. Then validate if they understand what they’re learning instead of just checking in.